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Centering in Truth

61: Centering in Truth

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63: After Completion

62: Attention to Detail

Ambitious undertakings are not in order, but attention to small matters brings decent progress. Such is the case for a person whose resources are meager but who, through modesty and perseverance, eventually rises to accomplish great things.

An early key to success is to avoid pretentious ambitions and grandiose goals. The power of the small is served by slow and steady advancement, and succeeds through an honest acceptance of its own limitations, without reservation.

Modesty stemming from the recognition of limitations is a fine quality, but it can be seen as weakness if it is not accompanied by conscientiousness and dignity. It is very important, therefore, to understand the demands of your situation and to not expect success in big things right now. The wise person recognizes and accepts the nature of the time. Know your role, attend to details, and act with humility. You can achieve success, even with few resources.

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