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Extended Family

37: Extended Family

About I Ching Hexagrams Temporary Obstacles

39: Temporary Obstacles

38: Diverging Interests

Some level of estrangement is indicated. For example, when brothers and sisters marry, they grow apart, since their allegiances lie with new families. Though they will remain close enough to deal with problems and share minor interests, they will be unable to undertake great projects together. Simply put, when people grow apart -- even for the most natural of reasons -- their points of view, values and interests diverge.

Different natures and interests bring opposition into the world of human affairs. If opposition drifts into alienation and enmity, there are no good results. But when opposition takes the form of healthy competition, or when it is just part of the natural order of things and is recognized as such, good fortune is still possible for the relationship.

When diverging interests make a situation seem stagnant or futile, remember that there are always creative possibilities inherent in polarities. One is reminded of the interplay of the opposites, yin and yang, that is fundamental to life itself. And, as the symbol of the Tao illustrates, the yin and the yang each have the seed of the other residing within them.

When opposition has its roots in issues of principle, hold to your integrity and individuality. Let go of vulgar or base people who do not share your values. With both people and companies, one measure of stature is the quality of one’s competition.

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